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Dec 9, 2013 12:30pm EST
financial institutions be willing to take on failing institutions when they might be taxed with the result? so, that's one issue of policy that we have to look at carefully. the committee was also concerned about one other thing that, which is really to me, in particular, and to other members of the committee, particularly troubling. and that is, that the, the charges that were placed against jpmorgan came after the chairman of the bank started to take on the government's policy in a number of areas. he was critical, i'm talking here of jamie dimon. he was critical of the, of the dodd-frank act and was critical of many other regulatory policies of the government. and, at the same time, he was in a sense, a spokesman for thing industry but an individual who was the chairman of a large bank then following those criticisms, came all of these charges against jpmorgan chase, which had previously been thought to be one of the healthiest and best-managed banks. so, the worry here is that the lesson that the government is, or the message that the government is sending is that, if you criticize the
Dec 2, 2013 7:00am EST
tax reform. there's a whole bunch we could work on that would be great. maybe we ought to look at some of those things like health care system costs and what the government is going to be paying in the next few years that is not discriminatory spending. it is getting smaller and smaller because of mandatory programs. they need to take a look at those programs and see what they can do to maybe get that in check. we don't have out-of-control spending and we get caught up in laws that require mandatory spending and we have no flexibility and the debt keeps going up. stacy from arlington, virginia with some of his ideas and some of the short and long- term issues that he thinks congress needs to tackle. nbc the subject of an story talking about congresses to do list for the end of 2013. calling that to do list a might do list. some of the issues on that might in the last month of the year. it notes expiring tax provisions , that more than 60 tax provisions are set to expire at year's end. also on thatalso on that my to-s the medicare reimbursement for doc there's. --for doctors.
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am EST
the discussion over the past five years. hikes.looking at tax they are also not looking at significant cuts to medicare, security,or social which are areas republicans say needs to be done. instead we are looking at pretty small things and haggling over whether to have federal employees attribute more to their retirement -- employees contribute more to their retirement plans. thingse also looking at -- a spectrum that is going to be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small budget deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011 as part of a but -- part of a different budget process. like can't there right now? why can't there be a grand bargain right now? caller: because republicans and democrats can't agree. all ryan, the chairman of the budget committee, and patty murray decided they were not going to go after the towels of the other party and just try to get something that was possible -- after all these failed budget agreements in the past, look we are not even going to go there this time. we are going to go for someth
Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
. in some instances, require you to file an income tax return. is the constitution capable of ignoring both categories of law? said, several times, congressman garrity, -- cannotthe president refuse to enforce a law because the policy reasons. >> the congress decided that if you possess a controlled substance, you get a certain in prison.ime you may or may not like mandatory minimum sentences, what this administration summarily dispensed with that law. my question to you is whether or not the chief executive ken and failed to enforce categories of law that are permissive and mandatory. >> it is established that the executive branch has prosecutors prosecuteretion -- orial discretion. >> can the president -- let's assume that a statute requires you to have two pieces of identification to purchase a firearm, can the chief executive knock it down to one? >> i guess i would -- -- can achieve executive >> can the chief executive knock it down to one form of identification? of limits onare the presidential pardon authority. >> you would say he could question mark >> under the pardon authority, he
Dec 7, 2013 9:00am PST
, not just a job. >> reporter: and allem, there are no new tax hikes or spending cuts on the horizon as a part of these budget battles. no major ones at least. so economists say that will also bodes well for the recovery. alex. >> kristin it, quick question about the president's schedule next hour. what is this, a saban forum he's going to be attending that and speaking? >> that's right. that is sponsored by the brookings institution. he's going to be speakinging there a forum on middle east policy. white house officials say it's up to the moderators to set the tone. i can tell you that the title of the forum this afternoon, alex, is power shifts, u.s.-israeli relations in dynamic middle east. the backdrop to this forum, the recent deal struck with iran to freeze iran's nuclear programs for six months in exchange for scaling back some of the sanctions, israel didn't like the deal. as you know, that created fresh tensions between the united states and israel. no guarantee that that will be discussed during the forum, but certainly one of the big issues in the backdrop. then of course,
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
of child pornography. the lock in some instances require you to file an income tax return. mr. lazarus, is the chief executive constitution capable of ignoring both categories of long? >> well, as i said several times, congressman gowdy, the president cannot refuse to apply or enforce the law for policy reasons. >> well, let's analyze that for a second. congress decided in its collective wisdom that if you possess xml at a controlled stuff as you're going to get x. amount of time in prison. you may like mandatoriness. you may not like them. this administration summarily dispensed with that law. so my question to you again is can the chief executive failed to enforce categories of laws that are both permissive and mandatory. >> it is well-established that the executive branch has prosecutorial discretion. that's a decline in force spendt what are those limits of? >> very frankly, i'm not an expert on that. >> let me ask you this. can the president -- lets us in a statute required you to show two pieces of identification to purchase a farm. can the chief executive knock that down to one?
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am EST
their claim that the statute authorizes tax credit through exchanges of established by the federal government under section 1321 or that it was congresses intent for the statute to authorize tax credit through those exchanges. so there's a lot more to be said about all of this. if i make would like to respond to some of -- >> let me cut you off at this point. i only have all bit of time. mr. turley, you mentioned something along the lines of your concern that president obama is becoming the very danger, separation of powers was meant to prevent. and mr. lazarus mentioned earlier that, i don't know exactly who he's referring to, but some are hyperventilating about this whole topic. would you want to comment on both of those things, either in relation to each other or not? >> mr. lazarus maybe responding to my labor breathing with the flu, but if not, my testimony -- the reason i think there's this disconnect in our view, is we obviously read history differently. i view the constitutional convention is quite clear. the framers were students of history, james madison. 150 years before they took
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
incentives and tax penalty structure is exacerbating the crisis of unemployment in this country. my constituent, sandy from winston-salem, knows this firsthand. she contacted me to share how obamacare is impacting adjunct professors in north carolina community colleges. she said, our hours have been cut because of the unaffordable health care act. this legislation is the worst thing that could have happened to the average american. her story isn't unique. stories abound of community colleges working to figure out how they will manage to comply with obamacare's costly employer mandate. for some it means cutting part-time employee hours which shortchanges both workers and students. americans care about health care and they care about jobs. obamacare is the wrong solution for both. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. poe: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute.
Dec 3, 2013 2:00am PST
much, bill. >>> well, the battle over sales tax for internet purchases heats up. >>> the most and least corrupt countries around the world. >>> plus, an eighth shark attack off the coast of maui in hawaii this season. this one is fatal. we'll have the details coming up next. ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month. tracey got the bankamericard better balance rewards credit card, which fits nicely with everything else in life she has to balance. that's the benefit of responsibility. apply online or visit a bank of america near you. >>> in the news this morning, a man fishing from a kayak off the coast of maui
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
new york times" editorialized, "the emphasis on cutting taxes and spending that began in the reagan years is a direct result of economic insecurity now. it has led, for spm, to education cuts that have harmed children in low-income school districts. reversing those decisions can still have an enormous impact." but under president obama, america's spending more money on education than any other nation in the world. also, taxes have been going up. and we have record debt. but the left wants more spending and even higher taxes. simply put, the big government spending machine has not helped the economy very much. but again, liberal theory trumps results. >> the idea that so many children are born into poverty in the wealthiest nation on earth is heartbreaking enough, but the idea that a child may never be able to escape that poverty because she lacks a decent education or health care or a community that views her future as their own? that should offend all of us. >> well, it certainly offends me. if children are not getting a good education or do not have proper health care, i'm offende
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am EST
by some now is not the time to raise taxes, yet the house budget cannot produce spending bills from the appropriations committee that can actually pass on the house floor. in some cases, they appear to not even be able to pass from subcommittee. all the while we're looking at a sea of unmet needs and face a floundering economy. there is one area that can help break the logjam, not solve all our problems, certainly, but help us significantly along the way. congress should address the critical needs of our nation's infrastructure deficit. roads, bridges, transit systems are all increasingly at risk. we are facing an inadequate state of repair, construction of new facilities are on hold and we are losing ground in meeting our own needs, let alone the challenges of global competition. yet, this challenge is an opportunity for some potential progress. we know what to do to meet this challenge. we can write a new transportation bill that will meet today's needs. it just needs more money. there is a vast coalition that supports additional resources for infrastructure. the so-called special
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 3:00am PST
the globetrotter's theme song ] >>> and tax your christmas tree. we're not kidding all r. all the appalls details. stay tuned. >>> and the family of a fallen veteran shocked to see his picture pop up on dating websites. how does that happen and can they fight back? our legal team is next. >>> welc. some quick headlines. a man trying to transport a 50-ton war machine loses control, not once, but twice. oregon state police say the vintage tank somehow slipped out of gear and rolled down a hill. don't you hate when that happens? when the driver tried to tow that machine it started rolling again. he was cited for reckless driving and criminal mischief. >>> google mail, known as gmail, letting you unsend messages but you have to be fast. theail feature you activate in the settings menu gives users a 30 second window to stop that message from sending. every time you send a message it pops up with a box with the message to undo. hanna? >> thank you. the family of this fallen soldier is furious. why? because somebody took staff sergeant matthew pachino's pictures off his memorial website and used them to
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
court is refusing to hear appeals from two major online retailers against new york state's sales tax law. amazon and challenged the law requiring collection of the taxes in states where they have no physical presence. states reportedly lose $23 billion a year in uncollected sales taxes from online retailers. >>> u.s. manufacturing grew last month at the fastest pace since april of 2011. that is according to the ism index. manufacturing rose in november to 57.3. that is up from 56.4. that is the reading for october. and highest reading in 2 1/2 years just clocked in. >>> dow chemical is weighing options to sell most of its chlorine operations its oldest business as part after plan to sell assets worth 3 to $4 billion. dow is moving away from chemical production, to focus on electronics, packaging and agriculture. that is the latest from "fox biz." adam: bill ackman may be disengaging from the media but is he actually going away? charlie gasparino joins us looking like spock from the alternate universe in that episode from "star trek" with the pointy ears. what is with the be
FOX News
Dec 7, 2013 2:00pm PST
to help people with taxes. >> free enterprise is at stake. >> this man after selling t-shirts here for 30 yyars was told you must stop. this is just the rules from friday, december 16th. tiny fine print here. >> yep. >> every day is another book. and you have to know everything in here or you can go to jail? >> that's right. here i am a constitutional lawyer and i have no idea what is in these books. >> each and every one of these is incomprehensible. >> and unnecessary. i flip open this book, this is department of energy regulations on the formula for determining the energy efficiency of a commercial ice maker. somebody that runs a bar or restaurant can go to the manufacturer, say give me an ice maker. if it works, the market says what's the best -- >> we don't need reviews. >> we don't need the federal government printing mathematical formulas, requiring everybody to conform to this sort of bizarre bureaucratic standard. >> i keep every day getting more of this stuff. >> and it doesn't go away. >> like a disease. like a mold. seeps through slowly and you don't exist any more. >> the mex
Dec 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
bargain -- >> it will not be the grand bargain. they will be looking at tax hikes, but not looking at significant cuts to medicare, medicaid, or for social security, which are areas republicans say need something to be done. they are looking at a pretty small thing, over whether to have a federal employees contribute more to their retirement plans. democrats are trying to keep them lower than republicans. getting looking at funds by selling a spectrum that will be sold to telephone companies. they are looking at a small touch deal that would replace some of the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that were launched in 2011. that was part of a different edge process. host: why can't there be such an desk something like a grand bargain? guest: the two parties can agree. are not willing to cut medicaid, and republicans are not willing to do tax hikes. paul ryan and patty murray basically decided that they were not going to go after the sacred cow of the other party. they were just going to it something that was possible, and they decided by looking at all these failed attempts in t
FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
business. >> she was told you need a license to help people with taxes? >> free enterprise. >> this man after selling t-shirt's here for 30 years you must you must, tom. every bay wood is not on my mind. i forgot p that. >> i have no idea what's in these books. >> each and every one of knees is incomplee hencible to -- incomprehensible. >> i am flipping over this book department of energy reege layingses on the formula for sderm inning the energy efficiency of a commercialite maker. somebody who runs a bar or restaurant can go no the manufacturer and give me an ice maker if it works the market will figure out. >> we don't need the federal government printing capri prehencible. they formed a bizarre bure tratic sanders. it doesn't go away. like the cease. i isn't realize i don't exist any more. >> the mexican gray wolf. the pump back whale. the sea lion. these are engangered species they need information. the act i want both respected. if the bureaucrats would take a idead in and move two for tw it. ambassador our nation for future generations. >> they want to use the plan in louisiana t
Dec 4, 2013 10:00am EST
decline. the gas tax has not been increased since the clinton administration 20 years ago. the future prospects are even worse. demands are increasing and deferred maintenance takes its toll while we watch the bottom fall out of the highway trust fund. we've seen a slowdown in revenue due to the near collapse of the economy, a shift in driving patterns while people, especially young people, drive less and improved fuel efficiency. it's scheduled to improve -- further reduce gascon sumpings dramatically with -- reduce gas consumption dramatically with plug in hybrid vehicles. it's time for congress to act. we've seen our partners at the state level increase transportation level in 13 states, but they need congress to act to maintain that partnership. there's a large coalition that stands ready to support congress. the u.s. chamber, the national afl-cio, building trades, trucking industry, numerous associations of small and medium-sized businesses, local chambers of commerce, local government, professional organizations, bicyclists,. the coalition is broad and persuasive, requesting con
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
are that in recent years the gap between the premiums into payroll taxes going in is $300 billion. >> that is a cash flow deficit. we get 10,000 beneficiaries every day and the absence of general reform that allow people to get the care that they need and deserve and abby slover cost growth it will fall under its own financial weight. >> for the secretary to affirm, $500 billion that isn't really chump change in the big picture of health care costs. i am getting comments from constituents in the district who medicare advantage folks now their benefits are being reduced. they are losing access to their preferred physicians. this is under the current system now. my question is how much worse can this get for my seniors who opt out for medicare advantage? again if the strategy for controlling costs is a traditional one of just cutting the provider members and whether its doctors, hospitals, it will backfire. that approach without reform that gives you the prevention and coordination and the better care congress ends up having to put the money back in because you haven't solved the problem. to not put t
Al Jazeera America
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
negotiations over a salary increase broke down. in argentine the government collects taxes and distributes to the opposition. it is collected by of the opposition, cristina fernandez de kirchner is accused of tolding the funds back. >> the arrival of argentine president cristina fernandez de kirchner had complained that her government denied appeals for reinforcements. and accused cristina fernandez de kirchner of shortchanging provinces. >> translation: there exists autonomy. public security is one of these. the matter has to do with salaries. >> the governor claimed the police walked off the jobs in retaliation for his decision to shut down more than 100 brothels paying off corrupt officers. the police began returning to work after they were offered salary increases and bonuses making then the best paid in the country. >> i want to tell the people that from this moment the police force returns to the service of the people of kordova. >> the governor vowed to travel to the capital to depend they stop playing politics with his money. >> the provincial grandfather ner blamed the violence. a
Dec 4, 2013 9:00pm EST
that were included in the ryan budget but the republicans wanted to give tax breaks to millionaires. a couple of questions. the implication by my colleague, dr. burgess was changes that would eliminate and narrow networks are caused by the affordable care act. and i'm just wondering in your research, i know with part d it's important to check every year to make sure that the formulary is the same. with medicare advantage, aren't changes likely in the network or something prior to the affordable care act as well? >> yes, i think there is a lot of volitility in this private marketplace swems in the part d marketplace. so every year we are very clear with beneficiaries if they have a part d plan they need to check that coverage because the formularies change every year and provider networks change every year. and it not just the plan that drives changes, providers also decide to leave the network or to no longer be involved. >> but this is not new? >> no, this is an inherent part of the medicare plan that was around in the mid 190eu's and before. this is an ongoing issue, this instabil
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am EST
the one that best represents you. we take a look at tax rates. it is congress that appears to allow a certain batch of temporary tax breaks to last at the end of 2013. ray from oklahoma city oklahoma, you are up next. are you there? good morning, you are on. i was calling about -- our man is going to make mistakes. the problem with the world, it does not have anything to do with obama. we have taken god out of everything he is doing. the next thing, minimum wage. i talked to a lot of people atut minimum wage at 7:25 -- $7.25 an hour. people say if you raise minimum wage, the influence will go up. everything else is already going up except minimum wage. years taken almost four to get it to seven dollars $.25. i am 61 years old, i am retired, and i have four kids. i have kids working for memo wage. they got student loans to pay back. journal"ll street talking about unemployment benefits in several stories, set to expire on september 28. several democrats are pushing for a vote to extend the benefits. house democrats propose renewing the program for $25 billion but have no way to offse
Dec 8, 2013 1:05pm EST
to provide refundable tax credits and extend unemployment benefits. today we hear from a panel who will explain exactly how unemployment insurance benefits families and the american economy and why it is imperative for this congress to move and act before the year ends. thank you, madam leader. >> we'll go to introduction of the witnesses. mr. laurel and i are going to share. i'll start with ms. owens who has been the executive director of the national employment law project since january of 2008, and she's seen the efforts that that institution oversee the effects of the great recession. she's worked at the afl-cio, focused on minimum wage, living wage hikes, pay equity for women, many issues we're pursuing around this country. ms. owens we welcome you. we want to introduce each witness first or have them testify one at a time? >> okay. we'd ask you to make your statement brief so we can get to all witnesses. >> thank you so much. we appreciate the committee holding this important hearing today on what is an urgent matter for millions of americans who will lose their unemployment
Dec 3, 2013 7:00am PST
tax, maybe you don't want to get too used to that. the supreme court refused to intervene over state sales taxes for purchases on it is likely to prompt more states to collect taxes on internet sales. >> meantime the numbers are in and cyber monday was a huge success for retailers. sales were up nearly 20% for last year. don't worry if you missed out. there's plenty of time to score dealers. they have extended their deals for what they're calling cyber week. >> if you haven't booked the holiday flights, here's what you can expect. a airfares are up slightly from last week. a cross country weekday flight should you run about $560 and $670 on the weekend. a shorter weekday flight averages about 350 or $520 friday through sunday. >> we've got news this morning on a possible christmas tree crisis. a root root targeting the popular frazier fur species has farmers scrambling to come up with a plan b. that could cost farmers hundreds of millions of dollars if it's n not contained. some were like turkish furs more resistant to the rot. >> it is the season of giving and according
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
,000 people or rolling back the earned income tax credit or pushing the voter suppression law that we're seeing now that's the worst in the country in north carolina, all of that, you see the money imprint and the handprint imprint and the philosophical imprint of either art pope or groups he has backed in such a wrongful way. and that's why we're fighting. >> do you think that people in north carolina broadly understand the connection between that agenda that you just described and the network of discount stores that have made the pope family so wealthy over all these years? do people already know the connection between those po policies -- >> no. >> -- and those stores? they don't. >> no. that's why we're doing these informational pickets. now, we hope in this season of christmas and hanukkah, his own conscience -- we've actually asked to meet with him -- that he would change. we have to believe in the possibility of redemption. we've shared with him that it's against our greatest moral values, we've talked about scripture of woe to those who use their wealth and political power to
Dec 5, 2013 2:00pm EST
wanted to give tax breaks to millionaires. a couple of questions. the implication by my colleague was changes that will eliminate the networks are caused by the affordable care act and i'm just wondering in your research i know with part d. is important and make sure the formulary is the same. with medicare advantage, or that change is likely in the network or something prior to the affordable care act as well? >> i think there is a lot of volatility in this marketplace as well as in the part d. marketplace. so every year we are very clear with the beneficiaries that if they are in the medicare advantage plan they need to check that coverage because the formularies which is a list that changes every year and provider networks, the providers also decide to leave the network or to no longer be involved. >> but this isn't new -- >> this is an inherent part of the plan that has been around since the mid-80s and even before. so this is an ongoing issue. this kind of instability if you will is in hair and and it's part of the risk of the plan that goes along with the benefits that we've
Dec 4, 2013 6:00am PST
no credit score or income requirements to qualify. you can get tax-free money from the equity in your home. you can use the money to pay off your current mortgage if you have one. the remaining money can be used for anything. there's no monthly mortgage payments. and you still own your home! call today to get your free guide and dvd. it explains how a government-insured reverse mortgage works. there's no obligation. one reverse mortgage is a quicken loans company. their licensed experts can answer all your questions. call to find out what a great solution this can be. don't wait, call now! >>> health officials in north carolina con if i wering three adults have now died of complications from the flu. the first flu deaths in a year in that state. we have an expert here with us from nashville. good morning. >> good moung. >> so when you hear these things, it's pretty scary. people die from the flu every year, we hear. will this year be particularly bad? >> well, it's difficult to know because we're still very early in the season. it's important to realize that the flu season has come very mu
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm EST
education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside the pell grant. let states do what they think is best in order achieve the type of outcome they have in indiana. imagine being able to stay to an eighth grade student. it you are responsible and work hard in high school. we'll guarantee you can go to a four--- a college public college of your choice within the your state at very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise is possible. students who have the talent, desire, and drive to pursue the post secondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the ability to pay. i think it's right today. thank you. recognized for five minutes. >> i am pleased to be here today to present this testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 -- and the nearly 6,000 pell grant recipients we're currently serving, we are happy to engage with the committee on how we can improve the pell grant program especially in the area of increased flexibility for nontraditional students encouraging completion, defining an identifying the neediest students, and el
Dec 5, 2013 9:00am EST
and entrepreneurs, and have essentially a tax across our entire economy on innovation and job growth. i strongly encourage my colleagues to support this bill and appreciation -- appreciate the good work of representative goodlatte and lofgren in bringing this bill to us to the floor today. i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman from colorado yields back. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. conyers: we are ready to close on this side. mr. goodlatte: at this time, madam chairman, it is my pleasure to yield 1 additional minute to the gentleman from utah, mr. chaffetz. the chair: the gentleman from utah is recognized for one minute. mr. chaffetz: thank you. i thank chairman goodlatte. i thank members on both sides of the aisle for working on this. the 112th congress, i worked closely with congressman defazio on the shield act. but a much better bill is before us today. i want people to understand the gravity of the problem and who is also being attacked. i find this fascinating. 55%, 55% of troll suits involve companies with annual revenues of $10 million or less. y
Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
. the population of detroit once the fourth largest city decline by 63%. the tax base erodes it was mismanaged and ends up like this. >> there are a number of other cities across the country that face shortfalls. do you think you'll see other cities starting to declare bankruptcy? >> i don't think it's anything anybody wants to do detroit's situation is particularly dire. but this is a noose that's tightening around city and state's necks for decades. and the recession pulled it tight. a pension plan is supposed to be 80% funded. there are 34 states in this country that are under that barometer. only one state, wisconsin, has a fully funded pension plan. you're looking at the numbers we are $1.3 trillion short in states of what we need. >> for retirees when you hear this, this is really scary. >> basically this is something we've had to confront for a long time and we're finally hit with it. but the truth is states can't pay this bill. and they're going to have to do something about it. they're starting to. illinois just yesterday passed legislation they're $100 billion i
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm EST
doing that with respect to a number of higher education programs, loans, grants, tax benefits outside of the program. outside of the unsubsidized ones delivering that money to the states, then what's the states do what they think is best in order to achieve the type of outcome that they have in indiana. imagine being able to say to an eighth-grade student if you work hard in high school would guarantee that you can go to a four year -- you can go to a college -- you can go to a public college of your choice with your state at the very least without incurring any new debt. that type of promise as possible. students that have the talent and the desire to drive the postsecondary education should be able to do so without being hindered by the inability to pay. that was the vision 40 years ago. i still think that it's right to do. >> thank you mr. dannenberg. mr. heath coming you are recognized for five minutes. >> chairwoman fox, ranking member hinojosa and members of the committee. i'm pleased to be here today to present his testimony on behalf of my institution. on behalf of the 17 prof
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
of opportunities from that side of the investment sneftd traditional oil and minerals and all that sort. >> the tax sector in columbia. >> terrorism is a global problem as opposed to a regional problem. what specifically can columbia do working in conjunction with the united states to condition combatting global terror? >> we have learn and paid a very high cost in our war against terror and against drug trafficking. we have know how. intelligence and we have probably the best trade police and elite forces in all of latin america. we are training more than 17,000 soldiers or policemen from central america from mexico. from other areas. we can continue to work together. terrorism, you might terrorism with different instruments. one of them is intelligence. that is a key issue. >> president juan manuel santos, thank you very much. >> number four, the number four worst opportunity they are ranked fourth on the planet. >> that are is exciting. all right. i hope we don't get columbia. >> in the next round. >> up next, making things happen. that's giving a big boost. how they are bringing healthy eating
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
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